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BU has a Micro/Aggressions Page!

If you’re a student at Boston University, you’re surely familiar with the trend of Facebook pages that feature anonymous submissions. BU Confessions and BU Crushes are each entertaining in their own right, but they contain a minefield of problems for the socially conscious. For those wary of the racism (often in the form of fetishization) and sexism that occur in some confessions, there’s a new page that hopes to draw attention to problems faced by the marginalized members of BU’s community.

In the same vein as the Microaggressions Tumblr and Brown University’s Micro/Aggressions Page, BU now has a Micro/Aggressions page of our own.

This term has been gaining popularity in the social justice internet community over the past few months. What makes an aggression “micro?” According to the Microaggressions Tumblr, “often, they are never meant to hurt” – they are instead done with little conscious awareness of their meanings and effects. The slow accumulation of these instances throughout childhood and over a lifetime is in part what defines a marginalized person’s experience, and makes explaining and communicating with those who do not share the same experience particularly difficult for them. Social “others” are microaggressed against on an hourly, daily, weekly, even monthly, basis.”

BU’s page has already accumulated 265 likes since its creation last week, and 46 entries have been posted so far. Some entries and comments have contained inevitable controversy, but the moderator has handled this gracefully, pinning a post that stated “This page is not meant for people to educate the privileged on why they are privileged. This page is for those that are a part of marginalized communities that deserve to have their voices heard.”

I am hopeful that this page may help foster conversations about marginalization at our university. Check it out, – chances are your eyes will be opened to something you were unaware was an issue on our campus!

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