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The Ultimate Move of BU’s Lady Pilots

By Priest Gooding It is often with reproach that Feminism is received in contemporary conversation—c, a rebuke is made against the (usually false) idea that feminism is an Unterdrücker of men. There are various self-described “meninists” and intellectuals alike who reject the idea of feminism and the pursuits of feminists, often under the aforementioned pretense; … Continue reading

BU has a Micro/Aggressions Page!
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BU has a Micro/Aggressions Page!

If you’re a student at Boston University, you’re surely familiar with the trend of Facebook pages that feature anonymous submissions. BU Confessions and BU Crushes are each entertaining in their own right, but they contain a minefield of problems for the socially conscious. For those wary of the racism (often in the form of fetishization) and sexism that occur in some … Continue reading

Why we’re fighting “Blurred Lines” at BU
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Why we’re fighting “Blurred Lines” at BU

Enough sound bites, status updates, Tweets, and other too-brief snippets of discussion. Let’s take some time, at length, to talk through the reasons and theory behind this whole Robin Thicke thing. 1) Why is the BU community petitioning against Robin Thicke, when many other pop artists have hit songs featuring analogous misogynistic content? Continue reading

Robin Thicke at BU…Why are we protesting?
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Robin Thicke at BU…Why are we protesting?

So I imagine you all have heard the controversy about Robin Thicke performing at the BU owned performance venue, Agganis Arena. The Boston Humanists at BU, with the support of the BU Humanist alumi, started a petition to ask BU to cancel his performance. Currently, it has nearly 1,500 signatures, and more are coming in. When … Continue reading

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New England Women’s Center Conference

When: Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 Where: Photonics Building 8 Saint Mary’s St, Boston,MA Boston University’s Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism (CGSA) is hosting the New England Women’s Center Conference. The conference “will be hosting speakers and organizations to discuss the importance of communities in the area that foster safer spaces for all individuals regardless … Continue reading

On Campus Issues

The Daily Free Press controversy regarding its coverage of sexual assault and other crimes

Two days ago, this article was published on xoJane.   A Boston University student relates her account of how the student newspaper, The Daily Free Press, reported the incident of her sexual assault using “a pun involving a popular rap song that describes the sexual appeal of a woman’s body” in the crime logs section. Shockingly, this was … Continue reading