Publication of interest: Phoebe

Women’s & Gender Studies at SUNY Oneonta publishes a semiannual journal, Phoebe: Gender and Cultural Critique , which fosters intellectual exchanges between scholars of women’s and gender studies & gender & sexuality studies within SUNY, across the country and abroad. Phoebe publishes works which explore different methodological approaches to provocative questions about gender, and gender’s … Continue reading



Here’s a scrap of distressingly unreflective sexism from the Wikipedia article on wedding rings: Women in Greek and Anatolian (comprising most of modern Turkey) cultures sometimes receive and wear puzzle rings – sets of interlocking metal bands that one must arrange just so in order to form a single ring. Traditionally, men wryly gave them … Continue reading

Call for Submissions

Call for Papers: Contemporary Feminist Pragmatism

In an article published in Hypatia almost two decades ago, Charlene Haddock Seigfried, asked, “Where are all the Pragmatist Feminists?” Seigfried found it curious that feminists had not integrated the intellectual tradition of the United States into their thinking as well as why American pragmatists had failed to engage feminism in a more meaningful manner … Continue reading