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International Women’s Day is Today

International Women's Day is Today

Visitors to the Google Homepage today will see a new Google doodle celebrating… what now exactly? Womanness, or womaninity? Well at least it has something to do with women. Women world-wide.

Pardon this blogger’s confusion; I was not familiar with International Women’s Day before yesterday — when the Humanist Observances calendar linked to my personal Google Calendar sent me a notice of today’s holiday — and this morning — when I saw this new Google doodle video. While I drill in to some background material on this holiday, here are some links for you to get a sense of it yourself:

Questions that occur to me as I move into my research:
1. A day seems not enough.
2. Why is this holiday not more well known? I hear so much about the anti-art NaNoWrMo and the anti-grooming Movember, but a day for women somehow escapes my radar?
3. How do I mark the occasion? A donation to VIDA or RAWA? A card for the international women in my wife?

Forgive, again, the tone of playfulness that might sound like dismissiveness. I am being defensive, because I don’t like that I don’t know about this holiday, and am frankly a little embarrassed. Tell us, me, about your experience with International Women’s Day, if you have anything to share!

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