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Our campuses, our selves?

From the essay “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe” by Laura Kipnis, writing for The Chronicle Review: I don’t quite know how to characterize the willingness of my supposed feminist colleagues to hand over the rights of faculty—women as well as men—to administrators and attorneys in the name of protection from unwanted sexual advances,” he said. “I … Continue reading


The F-Word

From the truth-about-customer-service website “Not Always Right” (‘collecting stories that prove the customer is not always right’) comes this true-to-life exchange between an Ohio bookstore employee and a potential book-buyer. A woman approaches me at the counter, looking over her shoulder as if she is looking out for someone. Me: “Can I… help you, ma’am?” Woman: … Continue reading

Book Recommendations

Recommended reading: “Bad Feminist”

From our neighbors at Harvard Book Store (a store wholly unaffiliated with ‘that school across the river’) come this book recommendation from the store staff, ideal for feminist readers and for feminist books-as-gifts-buyers: Bad Feminist essays by Roxane Gay Publisher: Harper Perennial Publication Date: 2014-08-05 ISBN 9780062282712 List Price $15.99 Harvard Book Store price: $12.79 Description: … Continue reading

Feminism for Anti-Feminists
Boston University / Feminism

Feminism for Anti-Feminists

Check out some great writing from our own Cecilia Weddell, a BU senior, writing for BU Culture Shock. When I see former acquaintances, teammates, and even friends speaking against feminism—speaking against their own worth as equals to men—I am sad. I see these women as patriarchy’s biggest victims. They are women who have been convinced to fight against their own … Continue reading