Why we’re fighting “Blurred Lines” at BU
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Why we’re fighting “Blurred Lines” at BU

Enough sound bites, status updates, Tweets, and other too-brief snippets of discussion. Let’s take some time, at length, to talk through the reasons and theory behind this whole Robin Thicke thing. 1) Why is the BU community petitioning against Robin Thicke, when many other pop artists have hit songs featuring analogous misogynistic content? Continue reading

Robin Thicke at BU…Why are we protesting?
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Robin Thicke at BU…Why are we protesting?

So I imagine you all have heard the controversy about Robin Thicke performing at the BU owned performance venue, Agganis Arena. The Boston Humanists at BU, with the support of the BU Humanist alumi, started a petition to ask BU to cancel his performance. Currently, it has nearly 1,500 signatures, and more are coming in. When … Continue reading

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TYSK #3: Misandry (and why it’s not a thing)

Misandry (definition: hatred of men) is not a thing. This is a controversial statement to make. However, when feminists use this catchy slogan, we are completely aware of the fact that there are, indeed, situations in which men are disadvantaged by their gender. We are not disputing this fact, we are simply pointing out that, … Continue reading

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Domestic homicide and what the state of Massachusetts is doing to stop it

Unsurprisingly, it is pretty difficult to stop a man intent on murdering his wife. Though such men show warning signs by physically abusing, stalking, and raping their victims before actually killing them, it isn’t always as easy as it would seem to differentiate between the true killers and the domestic abusers. Massachusetts has devised an … Continue reading