You Throw Like a Girl: Rape Culture & Sports
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You Throw Like a Girl: Rape Culture & Sports

Let me preface this by saying that not all men who take part in aggressive sports are insatiable, sex-hungry, and misogynistic.  When you hear people saying that one team “raped” another, or you hear two teens discussing the complete “rape” that occurred while playing Call of Duty, I’d suggest that you think a little deeper as … Continue reading

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TYSK #3: Misandry (and why it’s not a thing)

Misandry (definition: hatred of men) is not a thing. This is a controversial statement to make. However, when feminists use this catchy slogan, we are completely aware of the fact that there are, indeed, situations in which men are disadvantaged by their gender. We are not disputing this fact, we are simply pointing out that, … Continue reading