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The Ultimate Move of BU’s Lady Pilots

By Priest Gooding It is often with reproach that Feminism is received in contemporary conversation—c, a rebuke is made against the (usually false) idea that feminism is an Unterdrücker of men. There are various self-described “meninists” and intellectuals alike who reject the idea of feminism and the pursuits of feminists, often under the aforementioned pretense; … Continue reading

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“He For She” and the Next Step in Feminism

By Anto Rondon “He For She” is a UN Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality, founded by UN Women with the key support of Emma Watson, Wolf Blitzer, and Simon Pegg. At Hoochie, we believe this movement, which has as its main goal underlying the important role of men in the Feminist movement, is crucial for … Continue reading

Laverne Cox on Transphobia
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Laverne Cox on Transphobia

Laverne Cox, Orange is the New Black actress and trans* advocate, recently stood up to Katie Couric for asking a rude question about transitioning. Cox, eloquent as always, responded that “the preoccupation with transition and its surgery objectifies trans* people.” This preoccupation takes away the focus from the mass amounts of violence that faces the trans* … Continue reading

Youtube Spotlight: Laci Green
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Youtube Spotlight: Laci Green

Laci Green runs a youtube channel entitled Sex+ that tackles everything from virginity to her most recent video on sexual objectification. Overall, if there is a question you have about sex, Green has probably already answered it. Her frank and charming videos explain hard topics in comprehensive ways focusing on the importance of mental, emotional, … Continue reading