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Verily Magazine

There are times when you read something and just think “hallelujah!”. That was my first thought when I read about Verily Magazine.

Picture of Verily Mag via

Picture of Verily Mag via

Here’s the first paragraph of their about section:

Verily is a new kind of women’s magazine: one that celebrates the best of who you are. We feature fashion that is worthy of the woman, relationship articles that go beyond sex tips, and strong cultural and lifestyle journalism. Verily is the modern woman’s go-to guide on how to lead a fulfilling, integrated life.

The main reason I heard about Verily, and why it’s getting so much press, is because of their photoshop policy.

Whereas other magazines photoshop to achieve the “ideal” body type or leave a maximum of three wrinkles, we never alter the body or face structure of our models with Photoshop. We firmly believe that the unique features of women — be it crows feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body — contribute to their beauty and therefore don’t need to be removed or changed.

From Verily Magazine

From Verily Magazine

Basically how many of us wish all magazines showed people.

The reason I’m so excited about this magazine, however, is because of the way they promote their articles. I love reading good magazines, but frequently I wish there were more depth to them. Most articles represent women and young girls as superficial and shallow. Just because I’m not in the mood to read about poverty and starvation elsewhere in the world does not mean I only want to hear about “how to have that perfect lipstick” (though that at times is beneficial).

These were the top five articles they were highlighting on their webiste:

  1. Her Love is Not Enough: Why We Can’t Really Love Our Robots Back
  2. Winter Foods to Boost Your Mood
  3. Pandora Stations for Your Soiree
  4. Steals and Deals of the Week
  5. Interview: What Does it Mean to Be an Empowered Woman

This seems like a more appealing range of articles. Not all the articles have to be about empowering oneself – there’s nothing wrong with wanting a great outfit, etc. But the addition of more complex and deeper thoughts is what I’m excited about.

Unfortunately, Verily is no longer a print magazine, but only an online source.

As you might suspect, a print publication is also an expensive undertaking that requires significant financial resources to become profitable. While we have had tremendous growth in our subscriptions, we were unable to secure the necessary funding to support the publication of future print issues. Therefore, it is with sadness that we must announce that we cannot currently continue to publish Verily as a print magazine.

While I won’t be picking up Verily at a newsstand any time soon, I’ll definitely get their emails instead!

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