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Robin Thicke at BU…Why are we protesting?

thickeSo I imagine you all have heard the controversy about Robin Thicke performing at the BU owned performance venue, Agganis Arena. The Boston Humanists at BU, with the support of the BU Humanist alumi, started a petition to ask BU to cancel his performance. Currently, it has nearly 1,500 signatures, and more are coming in.

When I first heard about this outrage, I was suspicious. Is the school really trying to be that paternalistic? They shouldn’t get to decide what “appropriate” music is for us students to enjoy. I obviously am not a fan of Thicke’s music or the vibe he gives off as a person. But really? Is the BU administration really trying to play mommy and daddy to us, and censoring our entertainment opportunities?

But then I realized I had missed something critical. It is the BU community which is opposed to Thicke’s performance, not the administration. The BU community doesn’t want Robin Thicke to be welcome here. They are the ones who have signed the petition against him. BU’s job is to respond to us, the community which is its heart and soul. WE are the ones who don’t want Thicke here. The BU administration is not being paternalistic – BU gave Thicke the freedom to perform here, and now we, as the community, are deciding we aren’t that OK with this decision. This is not an issue of the administration restricting our freedom, or deciding what art is, or pushing a moral agenda. This is all about a community voicing its opinion.

So the point is, sign the thing if you want your objection to his performance to be known. That’s what I did.

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