Body Image / Photoshop

Photoshopped into a Cover Model

Buzzfeed recently did a experiment where they had four “regular women” be photoshopped into the typical cover model.



The women all modeled in a professional photoshoot, and later their images were altered on the computer by a photoshop expert. Afterwords the women were shown their new images.

The result? A form of disillusionment, with one woman saying:

“This is how I always wanted to see myself, but now that I see it, I’m questioning why I ever wanted to look like that.”

While it’s a great experiment, it’s one that needs more development. Buzzfeed only used four women, though I’d predict if you had a wider range of participants you’d have at least one who was rather happy with the result, as not all hate photoshop. Likewise, where is the diversity among the women picked?

Photoshop has definitely been pushed to the extreme, but not just for women. If we want a change in mindset about what is beautiful we need to focus on everyone, men included. Could we put some men in this experiment as well?

Watch the video below to see what you think!

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