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A Feminist Rushing at BU

When most of my friends from home find out that I’m rushing, they look at me like I have sold out: “You pay for friends” usually follows. A “Sorority girl” and a “feminist” certainly could seem like polar opposites. These two people might not be able to coexist in the same room let alone be the same person. Yet here I am, deciding on outfits, thinking of witty conversation topics, and trying to be the best me I can be.  Sororities should be feminist organizations, right? A group of women that unite for support and fun – that sounds mildly feminist-like. However, I still get snide comments when I tell my friends about rushing, and I don’t know how accepting the BU sororities will be if the ‘F’ word comes up in conversation.

Coming from the south, the idea of changing yourself to join a popular sorority is extremely common. I once met a young woman attending an esteemed state university, who described her sorority as the ‘pretty stupid ones.’ Why would someone so charismatic and intelligent limit herself to these words? Why would an entire sorority of, say 200 girls, refer to themselves as the ‘pretty stupid ones?’ I am sure that every single member of that sorority was more than pretty and stupid.

That is my greatest nightmare though – the horror stories about sororities coming true. I don’t want to be criticized or ignored because of my weight or my inexpensive clothing. I don’t want to be told I need to change myself, because I genuinely like who I am.

The reality is that BU is big, and often times, lonely. At home, I have a large support network that I have yet to find at BU. I have wonderful friends that I love here but I still feel as though something is missing. I don’t know if a sorority will fill this gap, but I might as well try.

I am hoping for BU sororities to counter my fears of being stereotyped and rejected. There are plenty of sororities across the nation that defy the preconceived idea that such organizations are filled with catty women obsessed with petty drama. I don’t think BU produces an ignorant environment that perpetuates racism and discrimination, like some southern schools might. I have faith in BU. I guess as I go through the rush process I’ll uncover the truth.

Until then though, I get to decide on outfits, think of witty conversation topics, and hope I find a group of women that will help me be the best me I can be.

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