BU Confessions: Who Needs Feminism, Anyway?

BU, like many schools, has a confessions page. Lots of times, people troll it. Yes, we are used to it by now.

But the truth is, BU needs feminism because so many people here truly take these issues lightly. Let’s not lose sight of what we are fighting for: equality and a better world for the next generation.

Here’s 7 links to some great sites which illuminate the issues feminism is fighting to solve:

1) Who Needs Feminism? Tumblr: “I need feminism because people tell me I wasn’t really raped because I was dating the man who raped me.”

2) 4o Reasons We Still Need Feminism, Buzzfeed: “Because when I tell people I’m majoring in Physics I shouldn’t hear “But you’re a girl!”


4) Twitter: I Need Feminism Because

5) University of Cambridge: “Because 1/3 of 10 year old girls’ biggest worry is their body

6) Fantastic Thought Catalog post by Nico Lang: Because working for a just and equal society isn’t about not shaving your legs or burning your bras”

7) Listverse, 10 Reasons We Still Need Feminism: Female genital mutilation, rape, child brides, criminalized pregnancy, infantacide, honor killings, employment law, forced prostitution, and disfigurement.

BUT… women STILL have it easy because


1. Are responsible for paying for dinner and shit.
2. Buy you drinks in bars.
3. Have to open doors and stupid shit like that.
4. Have to be the ones to ask for womens’ hands in marriage.
5. Have to take out the trash.
6. Have to guess what your thinking, you cant just say it… like a normal person.
7. Have to defend your honor by fighting other men.
8. Are responsible for giving you multiple orgasms.
9. Have to kill all the spiders.
10. Have to be the ones to “”pull out””… You can “”slide off”” too you know.


[Thanks BU Confessor #3335 for your eloquent words of wisdom]


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