Feminist Flowchart

Take a look at this simple flowchart designed by Huffington Post writer Rebecca Searles to find out if you’re a true feminist:


So, are you a good person or a “sucky” one?Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 6.40.34 PM


9 thoughts on “Feminist Flowchart

  1. People always say “I support equal rights for women but i’m not a feminist.” Why do you think it is that so many people support feminist ideals but don’t want to be called feminists? I think it’s because of the way feminists come off. You come off as bitches. People don’t like you. That’s why nobody wants to be called a feminist. It’s a classic case of a great cause being destroyed by the people who run the cause. If feminists were more likable people would be happy to be called feminists.

  2. http://poisonedwell.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/am-i-a-feminist/
    The question of if you are a feminist is much more complex than just believing in equality. Simply defining what is equality when talking about two groups as physically different as males and females has been a big enough problem to create massive divides within feminism.
    Then there are all of the associated claims like patriarchy, privilege, rape culture, and gender being a social construct. Are you still a feminist if you call all of these constructs bullshit, but do believe in equality?

    • I think you’re still a feminist if you think these questions (“What is or is not a construct?” What does equality mean?” etc.) can constructively be asked WITHIN the big-tent movement called “Feminism.” If you think they can’t, I suppose feminism (or whatever corner of feminism you’re interacting with) has become, at least temporarily or locally, too limited for its own good.

      • So your saying feminism is meaningless in that “Feminism” can mean anything and everything and all things and nothing all at the same time? This is the big problem with feminism. It has become so “big tent” that nothing is excluded and you may as well just call the movement “People”

        There is no “The Patriarchy”. “Male Privilege” doesn’t exist. “Rape Culture” only applies to male victims of rape in the prison system. Gender roles, while a social construct, are firmly rooted in biological realities.

        If you can tell me what subgroup of Feminism say this, I would be happy to look into it.

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