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What it Means to Be a Man

People constantly argue that in order for women to empower themselves to be equal to men, men have to become less “manly”.  I can’t count how many people I talk to, in particular of older generations, who argue that feminism makes it impossible for men to be men, or that it confuses men about how to act in society.

To this I’d say it’s pretty simple, act like a good person and that’s enough. A gender stereotype shouldn’t be defining you, no matter which gender you identify yourself with.

To add I link to Jezebel’s new post which sums it up pretty nicely: How to Be a Man: The Newly Updated Rules

The article discusses a new article by Ann Friedman in the New York Magazine where she discusses What Does Manhood Mean In 2013?

Just a little quote:

“What’s striking isn’t the lack of consensus on what defines masculinity now, but the utter confusion about how to go about doing so. That’s because America is finally getting around to having the conversation about what it means to be a man that, decades ago, feminism forced us to have about womanhood. Women still face social consequences when they don’t conform neatly to gender norms, but many of even the most ideologically progressive men are just now starting to talk about how to break with masculine stereotypes and still hang onto a sense of gender identity.”

So what does it mean to be a man? I’m going to agree with Tracy Moore’s line in her Jezebel article:

“In a nutshell, it means whatever you want it to, dudes.”

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