Heineken Robots

I don’t know why I continue to let myself get shocked by these things. The first time I saw this commercial, I sat on the couch stunned, my jaw resting contemplatively on the floor. I know I should expect such objectification from advertisements, especially beer companies, but it never ceases to amaze me. As I watch a green sexy robot who eerily resembles a futuristic Stepford wife dance around, spout extra arms, slap her own ass, pour a glass of beer, and then open up to reveal two more, different-colored, but equally sexy robot-women, I begin to realize it’s no wonder we live in a rape culture. It’s no wonder men think it’s OK to treat women as less than human. Look at what they’re being told!

And the worst part? As the horror of the commercial finally ends, I turn my aghast face upon my mother’s only to find she is completely unaware of the blatant objectification, sexism, oppression, I could go on and on, screaming out from the TV screen! And this is in no way a comment against my mother. Instead, it is a lament to the fact that beer companies (along with many others) are showing ads such as these, and not only the men are buying into them. This form of objectification is becoming so mainstream and normal in our culture that we’re completely desensitized to it and don’t even notice when we’re being objectified right in front of our faces.

How are we supposed to fight and change our rape culture when men are constantly being told women are objects (i.e. robots), and women don’t even see the problem with this??


One thought on “Heineken Robots

  1. i had the same reaction. the ad made me want to vomit.

    at first, i started to change the channel. i started to choose denial over facing the fact that this commercial wanted us to believe that the ideal woman has a beer keg instead of a heart.

    now, after this horrible tragedy right here at BU, i can’t help looking back at ads like these and wanting to scream at the companies that project them.


    then, today, i spoke to my mother about the rape on campus. i told her how many women my age have already been raped (1 in 4 by age 18) and worried allowed about how news of this assault might affect victims at BU. my mother didn’t believe my statistics. when i mentioned the sexual abuse she had experienced earlier in life she actually laughed. she laughed.

    she said, “oh, sweetie. that was nothing. sometimes men just need us to be objects like that.”

    well, open me up. you ain’t gonna find a keg.

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